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Our story started long ago with our late grandmother “ EM Khalil” whom she had passion for land and agriculture and spent all her life taking care of her lands and trees to yield the best crops and used them to produce Oil, Jams and essences among many other items. Over the years she managed to transfer her passion up to her children and grandchildren. Around EM Khalil was a network of ladies from Bqosta who shared their secret in producing artisanal homemade agro food products. The same network kept growing from generation to another till date.


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QUALITY, CONSTANCY & CONSISTENCY IN QUALITY In fact, we constantly set high standards and then try hard to exceed them by: Manufacturing and bringing to the market a portfolio of quality brands and items that anticipate and satisfy people desires and needs. Having the right people at the right seat. Constantly delivering added value to our clients and to end consumers, trying to achieve this through our well-organized distribution and fast delivery, our outstanding quality brands, and our team’s expertise and service. Being a highly effective, professional, reliable, agile and fast moving organization. Improving the quality of life of the community we serve.


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